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October 18-19, 2019 $50 - 100
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Dates & Times

  • Oct 18-19, 2019
    12:00pm - 8:00pm

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This event is for 4th and 5th graders and is in Duluth, GA. We leave on Friday, Oct. 18 at 12 noon and return on Saturday, Oct. 19 around 8 pm. All meals for the weekend are included in the price as well as travel, hotels, and conference registration. Students are asked to bring $15-$20 for the SuperStart! store for small souvenirs.

Have you ever played a card game or board game and things just looked bleak? Sometimes when we get to the end of a game it seems impossible to win, but then we draw the “wild” card and suddenly it doesn’t matter what happens next. You know because of that “wild” card you can get through anything the game may throw at you. It completely changes the way you play. It gives you hope that you can win. It’s a Game Changer.

A lot of preteens today are starting to feel like the odds are stacked against them. What do they do when they’re not sure how to get through what life throws at them?

This year’s SuperStart tour is about finding hope in those moments through God’s promises. Preteens will learn that when they trust God and hold tightly to His promises, they’ll discover the hope that can carry them through any circumstance and into the abundant life of a Kingdom worker. Knowing that changes everything. It’s a Game Changer.